Sunday, March 29, 2009

Is it Spring yet?

The peaches are pruned and they almost look alive the way they reach out with their branches. Lots of room for sunshine to hit the peaches and make them sweet and juicy.

Gary and Michael and Mike Hahn (our additional high school hired hand) raked all the straw off the berries. The rain over the weekend perked them up and now we just need some sunshine. People keep asking what the season looks like, but really, it's promising, but too early to tell. We'll see bloom in April on almost everything and have a good idea what will have a chance.

My favorite job (so to speak) this time of year is pruning the blackberries. It looks like a jungle so you just take a deep breath and wade in. I'm cutting out all the dead wood and tying up the nice fruiting canes to the support wires. It's a week long project. Then I have to start on the Black Raspberries. This is NOT my favorite chore as they are prickly and nasty. I've said I need to be in a Zen state to be near them, let alone prune! The other farm chores are cleaning up the raspberry plants in the tunnels and raking all the tree prunings out so Gary can mow/chop them up.

This is really the time of year when we get to finish the "other" chores. Like painting rooms, building doors at home and taking time to play games together. A real calm before the storm.