Monday, May 4, 2020

Who's the flower girl?

My name is Chelsea, daughter to Amy and Gary, sister to Michael, wife to Maher, granddaughter, cousin and niece to the many family members who pitched in to help after my parents started this business. This time of year you can find me in the greenhouse, starting the cut flowers for the bouquets sold in the market, and for the U-Pick customer cut flower garden. You can expect peony’s in the market mid to late May and the customer cut flower garden open by mid July. I started this part of the business at 12 and have enjoyed the curious process of failure and success, steadily expanding, doing custom orders for weddings, memorials, baby showers and gifts, and increasing my confidence throughout. My other role at the farm is primarily helping my father with hard cider production. Mostly, I wash a lot of tanks, but sometimes, the day begins with tasting! I have a growing appreciation for this gluten-free adult apple based beverage, the more I sip and the more I learn. My favorite part about the farm is getting to appreciate the results. When I sit down to dinner with family and friends and the array of colors, textures, ripeness, and flavor on our plates, speaks of good dirt and grace, it fosters something primal and delicious. Last year during pub nights I took heart in the community but also opportunity to walk around the farm with a glass of hard cider in hand, and appreciate, truly appreciate, the space outside of work. The work is necessary to appreciate the results, one cannot live without the other, but sometimes I still feel like a kid when I say that my favorite part is snack time. Nothing beats a peach where the juice drips down your arm.
      Thanks to the family, friends, and customers for your support! If you would like to contact me directly about placing a custom bouquet order, questions or resizing for the jewelry I make and sell, or related to Falafel Politiks the business my husband and I started to make great falafel and spread the message of cultural understanding and peace, my email is