Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More blossoms...

The sour cherries look great! Guess we better figure out how to pit them.... New Strawberries are happy and ready to bloom...

OK, so a few days of 90 degree weather and we're in full bloom. Everything. The apples are all fluffy with puff balls of potential fruit.

We've been trying to brush the white nectarine blossoms to thin them out a bit, they look like azalea bushes! We did get through many of the donut peaches. If it doesn't rain tomorrow we can keep working our way through the Raritan Rose white peaches. Looks like this weekend will bring full bloom to the strawberries. Yeah!
We dug up the renegade blackberry runners and even got them planted. Now for a little rain for our "reserve" planting.

apple bloom

Isn't this a pretty sight?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Peach bloom

Wow, after a couple sunny days (finally) we see some bloom in the peaches and nectarines. The blossoms are varying shades of pink depending on variety. Even the donut peaches have different colors of pink. The white nectarines are the earliest and they are so fragrant it makes your head hurt.
Wish I could fly up a few more feet to get the whole orchard in the picture...but the top of my car will have to do!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wild Wind and Apricots

Well, I'm almost done the berry pruning. Canes on the left are done, canes on the right are the "before" idea. The black raspberries were prickly, but one more day ought to finish them.

Gary told me the apricots are blooming and although it's really windy, the temperature isn't too cold. This might be a good year for the apricots! We have 3 varieties and only one is especially early. The rest start when peaches are starting- late July.