Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cherries, will they survive the weather?

Weather, birds who would have thought it was such a pain to grow cherries? The earlier sweet cherries exploded from the rain. But we had a couple sunny days to sweeten the rest of the crop and ripen it. So yesterday Sam, Hillary and Casey picked about 100 quarts of cherries. Whooee!
We'll probably try to be open friday or saturday to sell them.
The sour cherry crop looks like just enough to make a couple batches of jam which would be great for the holidays. Of course, Gary wants to make sure he gets a couple pies, and the pie lady wants some as well so she can make some sour cherry pies for the market. If you didn't get any last year, you are missing something special!

The crew is working on thinning out the red raspberry plants in the tunnels. It could be a nice late August - September crop this year.

Gary and Mike H. were working in the orchard yesterday. The baby honey crisp trees needed to be tied to their stakes. They have a nice crop, also!

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