Monday, July 13, 2009

Next year's strawberries.

Next on the list is to get all the strawberry beds renovated and ready for next year. Gary mows off the plants, then runs over the rows with the rototiller with the center tines removed. This narrows the rows back to the main plant. The newly planted strawberries are being hoed again. This random sunflower was too fun to hoe out so now it's blooming.

The Ginger Gold apple trees are in the background. They are usually early, around the second week of August.

We're waiting for the bird netting to arrive. It'll go over the blackberries first, then we'll figure out how to cover the raspberry tunnels.

The first Early Yellow Peaches are ready! We're open at the farm every day but Sunday. The Sugar May is the first white peach and we expect to pick that closer to the end of this week. It's still a little firm. White Nectarines are about 10 days out.

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