Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ready to farm? Internship Position.

First Year Internship Position
Do you know someone who thinks they want to be a farmer?  Wouldn't it be nice to get some real world experience?  Farming is a fascinating business.  You get to plan, produce, market and sell your ideas.  It's not just growing food anymore. We take great pride in the quality and selection we have at our operation. Management of the crops is important: winter/spring pruning,  blossom and fruit thinning, frost protection management, manipulation of fruiting wood, harvesting different varieties, summer pruning and preparing for winter.  In between, you get to sort, pack, eat and sell the fruit. ( We like the eating part!) We started our farm on vacant ground 30 years ago and we have successfully  achieved our goal of supplying our local community with quality fruit. 
We use an Integrated Pest Management system which combines sustainable , organic and conventional farming techniques to grow a quality fruit crop. We use row covers, high tunnels, high density plantings and drip irrigation on our operation.   
We are looking for a person(s) who specifically wants to learn about fruit production.  This job would be full time through December.  You must be able to work with others, work outside, lift 25# and have a positive attitude.   

You can email us (manoffmarketgardens@gmail.com) or stop in at the farm.  Thanks. We look forward to meeting you!

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